• all the days of summer are sad

    All the days of sumer are sad Written and directed by Fanny Ortiz Short film 2021 Adrià is a 12-year-old boy who, together with his three […]
  • MOM | Patricia Huguet

    MOM Written and directed by Patricia Huguet Shortfilm – In development Nao’s daily life is guided by MOM, an advanced artificial intelligence capable of taking an […]
  • Each of Us

    EACH OF US Feature film – Drama – In development Written by Eva Pauné and Mirjam Ziegler With the support of the Creative Europe Programme – […]
  • Outside | Xesc Cabot and Pep Garrido

    SENSE SOSTRE Written and directed by Xesc Cabot and Pep Garrido With Enric Molina, Laia Manzanares, Teresa Vallicrosa Feature film – Drama 97 min – 2019 […]

    LOS CANGREJOS A documentary by Rubén Seca A young filmmaker finds a notebook with the memories of his great-grandfather during the Civil War in Soria. He […]

    Proposal for a television cartoon series based on the children’s novel of the same title written by Ramón Grau and published by  “El Cep i la […]

    PATH OF HEAVEN Feature fiction / Drama Written by Esteve Soler, according to the homonymous work by Juan Mayorga Everything is false in the concentration camp […]

    AWA IN THE DESERT Feaute Fiction / animation / Drama Created by Julia Horrillo, Vero Adell and Ro Lima A group of migrants arrives to the […]

    R.I.P THE SERIES Fiction serie / Dark comedy Written and directed by Caye Casas R.I.P. is the dark and surreal comedy in which none of the […]
  • Bad faith | Marina, Elena and Eva Pauné

    BAD FAITH (LA MALA FE) Written and directed by Marina, Elena and Eva Pauné With Nerea Barros, Jeanne Ruff, Andy Turner, Nicol Romaris and Andrés García […]
  • The time after the rain | Júlia Girós, Pol Picas and Nina Solà

    THE TIME AFTER THE RAIN (EL TEMPS DESPRÉS DE LA PLUJA) Written and directed by Júlia Girós, Pol Picas and Nina Solà Documentary – In development […]
  • Living in the Pyrenees

    LIVING IN THE PYRENEES (VIURE ALS PIRINEUS) Television – Documentary 2016 / 28 x 26 min “VIURE ALS PIRINEUS” enters into this endless and ebullient extension […]
  • A thousand things I would do for you | Dídac Cervera

    MIL COSES QUE FARIA PER TU (A THOUSAND THINGS I WOULD DO FOR YOU) Feature Film – Romantic and action comedy 90 min Directed by Dídac […]
  • Nothing Co. | Caye Casas and Albert Pintó

    NOTHING Co. (NADA S.A.) Written and directed by Caye Casas and Albert Pintó With Emilio Gavira, Carlos Lasarte and Jaume García Arija Short film – Black […]
  • Best Seller | Max Lemcke

    BEST SELLER Written and directed by Max Lemcke Short film – Thriller 16 min – 2019   The library has been closed for half an hour […]
  • The Forgotten Diaspora

    THE FORGOTTEN DIASPORA Documentary – In development Directed by Xesc Cabot and Pep Garrido   In France, there exists a reality unbeknownst to most: more than […]
  • Killing God | Caye Casas and Albert Pintó

    KILLING GOD (MATAR A DIOS) Written and directed by Caye Casas and Albert Pintó With Eduardo Antuña, Itziar Castro, Boris Ruiz, David Pareja and Emilio Gavira […]