all the days of summer are sad
16 April, 2021
22 December, 2020

Proposal for a television cartoon series based on the children’s novel of the same title written by Ramón Grau and published by  “El Cep i la Nansa” in 2018 for the Catalan market.

“Vali, the brave” is the story of a little dog that is thrown into the sea the same day of its born. Miraculously she manages to survive and from then on she only thinks about returning home. On their way she will make very good friends and have many adventures. Despite being small and fragile, she will show great courage and will be known as Vali the brave. She will also discover the less friendly face of humans and will fight to preserve and highlight people’s values. It is an educational series for children that vindicates the values that help us grow and be better, such as the need to understand each other and respect others and the environment, and teaches us that there is always the possibility of fighting for a better world.