Each of Us

MOM | Patricia Huguet
4 July, 2019
Outside | Xesc Cabot and Pep Garrido
24 May, 2018


Feature film – Drama – In development
Written by Eva Pauné and Mirjam Ziegler
With the support of the Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA of the European Union

1945, Ravensbrück. In the dehumanising apparatus that a concentration camp is, a hundred thousand women from 42 different nationalities coexist – and the camp brings out the best and the worst in them. This is the story of four of them. Gertrud, a German petty criminal working as a Kapo, slips further and further into brutality in order to stay alive and find her son outside the camp. Leah, a Jewish Austrian medicine student, survives using her individual value as a nurse – but also staying in the shadows and expressing herself through hidden art. Aga is a Rabbit – one of the Polish women who suffer sadistic experiments by the SS doctors. Despite being one of the most vulnerable ones, she finds the courage to stand up. And finally, Mar – a Catalan communist committed to resistance and sabotage who finds herself torn between responsibilities when, after her friend is murdered in the camp, has to adopt her daughter. How to stay human in these extreme situations is the question each of them will need to answer in her own way.