Outside | Xesc Cabot and Pep Garrido

Each of Us
25 May, 2018
Bad faith | Marina, Elena and Eva Pauné
21 May, 2018


Written and directed by Xesc Cabot and Pep Garrido
With Enric Molina, Laia Manzanares, Teresa Vallicrosa
Feature film – Drama
97 min – 2019

Co-production with Atiende Films

Joan is an alcoholic homeless who survives in Barcelona streets with his dog Tuc. After a mysterious phone call, Joan falls into a crazy drunkenness in which ends up losing Tuc. Castaway in the city, he is soon brutally beaten. We rediscover him away from the city in a delirious journey that exceeds all his limits. At the end of the road, something that was once his home. And a deathbed.