22 December, 2020

RIP, The series … COMING SOON

RIP LA SERIE , finalist in CONNECTA FICTION 2020, semi-finalist in IBERSERIES 2020 and selected in the PITCHBOX OF SITGES 2020! R.I.P. is a black and […]
22 December, 2020

The Times After The Rain – MEDIMED

The documentary feature film -in development- written and directed by Júlia Girós, Pol Picas and Nina Solà, has been selected by the European MEDIMED document market.
10 December, 2020

OUTSIDE Succeeds in North Dakota

OUTSIDE Succeeds in North Dakota Ouside has won more than one award and does so at diferent festivals, from the Terra Gollut Festival, a Catalan film […]
19 February, 2020

‘Best Seller’ travelling for festivals

23 January, 2020

We finished filming ‘M.O.M.’

20 December, 2019

Today ‘Outside’ premieres!

13 November, 2019

Outside premieres at Gijón Film Festival

10 April, 2019

She dreams awake, selected at Public Pitch of Docs Barcelona!

16 March, 2019

La Mala Fe premieres at Málaga