We finished filming ‘M.O.M.’

Today ‘Outside’ premieres!
20 December, 2019
‘Best Seller’ travelling for festivals
19 February, 2020
We finished filming 'M.O.M.'

After months of work, office meetings, travelling and dedication, last week we finally shot the short film written and directed by PatrĂ­cia Huguet: M.O.M.

The project is a challenge for the team due to the production needs of the film. It is a story that forces you to reflect on the future and human behaviors regarding technology, which is becoming more and more present in our lives.

From Alhena, we cannot be more grateful. The whole team has worked with dedication and enthusiasm to carry out this project, and that is why we thank all the people involved: technical team, artistic team, sponsors ...

We continue to look forward to the next phases of the project because we want M.O.M. to reach the viewers in the best way possible.

Now only the final stretch is left. A final stage full of emotion and new challenges to finish shaping this project that we hope will not leave anyone indifferent.

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