2 Awards AT SITGES! Audience Award and best short film by Pintó & Caye

La mala fe: end of filming
15 September, 2017
Everyone likes the short film RIP !
14 November, 2017
After a greatpremiere, with tickets sold out at the spectacular Melià Auditorium in Sitges and a public given as we rarely lived in the Festival, we thought we could not ask for anything else. But we were wrong: today it has been made public that our short film RIP has won the Best Short Film Award and the movie MATAR A DIOS the Great Audience Award!

These two awards give us a lot of enthusiasm and arrive at a great time, since we are working to bring this black comedy to the commercial halls and this should help us to achieve this. Thank you very much to everyone who works in Sitges, whom you voted for and the whole team to make it possible!

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